Keep Alive Service For IIS 6.0/7.5

This zero configuration service sits on web server, monitors IIS metabase and keeps all sites alive and quick. For DotNetNuke sites it also provides per-portal refreshing. For IIS 7.5 It also setup Application Warm-Up for better results.


  • Install service on your web server (i.e. computer rinning IIS).
  • Nothing more.
This is useful for hosting environment with self-service and automatic registration. Service automatically determines what sites are running on server and what URLs require automatic refresh!


Zero configuration

Keep Alive is a windows service that monitors IIS metabase and keeps all found sites alive and quick. Just install it on web server.

IIS 7.5 and 6.0 support

There are 2 different projects for IIS 6 and IIS 7.5. So you need choose right installer. Note, service was tested only with IIS 6.0 and 7.5. Other versions can fail.

Warm-Up For IIS 7.5 automatic setup.

A great feature - Application Warm-Up - is supported by IIS 7.5. Warm-Up allows us to recycle worker processes without any pause in online services. IIS Application Warm-Up technology first ensures that new worker process is ready for serving requests. After that old process is closed. Without Warm-Up newly created worker process available for requests immediately after being created so you usually have a 10-30 sec. delay when site does not response.
  • Keep Alive setup Warm-Up for each site found (If possible).
Attention! You may need to setup Warm-Up configuration tool from here:

DotNetNuke Enhancements

Keep Alive works with any site you are running under IIS. ASP.NET, PHP, CGI, whatever you have.
But If Keep Alive sees a DotNetNuke site it inject a special page findy.keep-alive.aspx in each DNN host. After that Keep Alive refreshes each portal of your DNN host that can be reached by at least one alias.
Keep Alive was tested with DNN 4.9.5, DNN 5.4.2 and DNN 5.5.0

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